Executive Team

Executive Team 2023

Andrea Lerner


Pat Infante


Jennie Mulqueen


Kristin Worthington

Volunteer Coordinator

Melora Norman

Treasurer and Young People's Program Co-Chair

Julie Rigano


Bringing back the Volunteer Coordinator role with Kristin Worthington

We are thinking of more opportunities to create community, including looking in our history and bringing back the Volunteer Coordinator role.

We hope with more explicit ways to get involved in creating community while we are together on Star Island, whether you want to sing with the Morning Wake Up Singers or help inspire art in the Art Barn, we will deepen our relationship with each other by co-creating the community.

Young People's Program Co-Chairs

We will continue to share the Young People's Program with the conference on island with us during our week, Building Bridges. This year, Melora Norman will share the duties of creating the Young People's Program with the Building Bridges YPP Co-Chair, April Rosario.

Executive Team 2022

From left to right,

Dawn Van Patten, Registrar

Geraldine Fowler, Treasurer

Meagan Henry, Chair

Julie Rigano, Communications

not pictured

April Rosario, Young People's Program