Faith Development Week 

on Star Island

July 14-21, 2024

Learn more about the magical island where we get to spend our week together each summer

Image by Christina Fulton

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Faith Development Week is a weeklong conference retreat on a beautiful island in the Isle of Shoals, NH. The week is full of professional development workshops, chances to collaborate with colleagues, and fun multigenerational events that make the week exciting for people of all ages! 

With an engaging Young People Program and fun social events, Faith Development Week is a perfect getaway for religious professionals to grow in their field and spend time with their families. 

Faith Development Week is ideal for religious educators, ministers, music directors, membership coordinators, and volunteer leaders who are looking to grow in their faith work.

We are proud to offer a week that combines professional development and relaxation with gorgeous ocean views. Our morning has professional offerings with themed morning talks and workshops. 

After lunch, there is time for collegial conversations, reflection, and a slew of social events to get to know the community on island better. 

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